Ericsson has signed a number of key partnerships with operators in China, focussing on realising the commercial benefits of Industry 4.0 use cases

Ericsson’s president and CEO, Borje Ekholm has said that China remains a key market for the Swedish tech giant, and that “time had proven Ericsson to be a trusted partner in China”.

Speaking at the opening of Mobile World Congress Shanghai on Wednesday, said that 5G would be the ‘backbone’ of China’s industrial telecommunications networks, laying the foundation for a whole raft of Industry 4.0 use cases.

“Connectivity will be critical to digitalising the economy and we see 5G as the necessary backbone of this development, This is a fundamental shift for mobility – from empowering consumers to empowering industries,” he said.

Ekholm said that his company was already collaborating with a number of firms in China on a number of 5G industrial use cases. He referenced the company’s ongoing project with China Mobile’s Jiangsu and RoboTechnik, in which Ericsson deployed a 4G/5G hybrid network, that allowed RoboTechnik to achieve unprecedented levels of automation at its production facility.

“We are standing at a historical moment. The possibilities of the 4th Industrial Revolution are limited only by our imagination, as we work to tackle everything from climate issues to the role of technology in our societies,” said Ekholm.

“Automation is also critical. We are developing and deploying AI-based managed services solutions to improve network quality and consumer experiences and have already successfully integrated the first online deployment for AI-based cell issue classification to improve network performance.”


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