Audi and Ericsson will work together to develop 5G IoT solutions to streamline operations at Audi’s main production plant in Germany

International telecoms kit manufacturer Ericsson has joined forces with Audi to accelerate research and development in the field of 5G and automotive manufacturing.

Together, the pair will explore smart-factory based use cases for 5G in the production of vehicles at Audi’s sites in Germany.  

“The fully networked factory will have a significant impact on the production of the future. A powerful network architecture that can respond in real time is of decisive importance for us. As part of the project with our partner Ericsson, we are testing the opportunities offered by 5G technology for industrial applications in the smart factory,” said Frank Loydl, chief information officer at Audi AG.

In addition to work at Audi’s main production facility in Ingolstadt, the pair are exploring opportunities for collaboration at the company’s other production sites.

“Ericsson is already running 5G industry programs all over the world to help manufacturers boost productivity and create new business opportunities. This project is a great opportunity to see what is possible when we bring 5G into an automobile production environment to truly enable smart wireless manufacturing,” said Erik Ekudden, Group CTO at Ericsson.

With 5G rollout in Europe not expected until 2020, Ericsson will continue to work with Audi to design a series of smart manufacturing solutions for the automotive industry.


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