The pair will work on a series of initiatives, showcasing Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud service

Ericsson and Volvo have signed a 5 year agreement, that will see the pair collaborate on a series of connected vehicle initiatives around the world. 

Volvo is increasing its focus on connected vehicles and is reportedly keen to explore strategies for fast-tracking the development of the autonomous car. With its hyper fast speeds and ultra low latency, 5G is sure to be a key enabler of this technology, and Volvo’s collaboration with Ericsson will see the pair conduct a series of tests over virtualised 5G networks. 

The deal will allow Ericsson to showcase the capabilities of its recently launched Connected Vehicle Cloud service. 

“Ericsson is providing a highly scalable and global platform for connected services to Volvo Cars. By removing complexity in areas such as data legislation and storage management, and improving services latency, our platform enhances the overall user experience of Volvo Cars’ connected services," said Asa Tamsons, head of business area technologies and new businesses at Ericsson.

“Our Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud platform will result in rapid innovation and the faster launch of new services to the benefit of Volvo Cars’ partners and customers. The new platform enables the latest development in telematics, infotainment, navigation, automation, and fleet management.”