Press Release

Evolving Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVOL), a leader in real-time digital engagement, has announced a collaboration with Amdocs to deliver optional capabilities for the new Amdocs Digital Brands Suite-as-a-Service offering, which enables CSPs to create game-changing digital experiences for their digital brand customers. Evolving Systems is one of several suite partners and the company will deliver loyalty and campaigns capabilities for the suite customers.

The cloud-based software-as-a-service business suite enables digital brands to introduce experiences that are simple and faster than ever before, with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ business model allowing for flexible growth without large commitments. It supports a market in which digital communications brands must deliver unique and dynamic digital experiences for their end users while at the same time maintaining lean back-end operations. With an end-user community of increasingly digital-savvy consumers, as well as other specific segments with innovative propositions, digital brands can enjoy high customer satisfaction and growth if they can access the solutions required to support their strategies.

The combination of the Amdocs Digital Brands Suite and Evolving Systems’ loyalty and campaigns capabilities will help suite customers improve customer experience and reduce churn through:
• More personalized and relevant engagements with “Next Best Offer”
• Gamification of customer engagements
• Leveraging and monetizing third-parties for example introducing 3rd party vouchers
• Reduction in churn through increased stickiness with Next Best Offers

“We are extremely excited to provide an important value to Amdocs’ Digital Brands Suite offering through Evolving Systems’ expertise in loyalty and campaign management. Service providers around the world are introducing standalone, digital brands that provide superb experience through innovation and agility, while maintaining very agile operations,” said Adhish Kulkarni, SVP CVM & Loyalty. “The combination of Amdocs’ suite with Evolving Systems’ capabilities enables those providers to improve their customer experience even further, without the IT hassle.”