Press Release

Exponential-e, the British cloud and network provider, has announced its implementation of a real-time Net Promoter Score platform that enables customers to leave feedback instantaneously and receive a response in a matter of hours from a technically trained manager.

Exponential-e’s real-time NPS offering is fully integrated within its back-office service desk systems. The platform includes instant feedback forms for customers to fill out – with one click if they so choose – along with a custom dashboard for the customer service team to manage and monitor the programme.

Typically, NPS surveys in the industry are relationship surveys that take place once a quarter, or even annually. Whilst these provide a good “point in time” NPS baseline, these are often lengthy surveys for customers to complete. The format of the surveys can lead to customers rarely seeing any direct action or closed loop as a result of the feedback they have provided. This can dissuade customers from completing surveys and therefore prevent companies from understanding what’s important for their customers and building a strategy around that. Exponential-e’s Customer 360 programme addresses these challenges and enables customers to provide feedback easily and instantaneously, driving real customer insight.

These scores are also displayed on the Exponential-e website as a sign of transparency with its customer service. Rather than having to wait for yearly reports, prospective customers can see a rolling, three-month indication of the level of customer service on offer – which on average sits considerably higher than the industry average for telecommunications (Exponential-e is currently at 50, with the industry average being 17).

Amy Ranns, Head of Customer Services, Exponential-e, explains: “Transparency is integral to our ethos of ‘world-class customer service’; if we are going to deliver this to our customers then we need to be honest and open with the levels of service that we are providing. These scores are not just outwardly important either. We have these projected in real-time on screens in our offices; a reminder of the people and businesses that we serve and the importance of maintaining the high standards we have set ourselves.”

The instant NPS feedback further powers Exponential-e’s Customer 360 programme, which offers fast, personalised feedback to customers. The first core component of this is that any NPS which falls into either detractor or passive categories receives a call within 24 hours – with customers reporting being contacted after leaving feedback within a matter of minutes in some cases.

The second key differentiator for Exponential-e is the technical expertise of those responding to feedback or customer issues; those in the first-line team contacting customers are technical managers or line managers, as opposed to a separate help desk. This means that the level of technical knowledge available to customers is high, often allowing them to solve problems or have queries answered without having to be passed to another member of staff.

Amy Ranns continues: “As a company, our mantra is ‘peace of mind as a service’ and we know that customer service is a huge part of making that a reality for our customers. Working across telecommunications and the cloud is technical; our clients need technical feedback when they have an issue, from someone that knows them and the products that they are using. Customer service is never ‘done’ and we are constantly taking actions from both positive and negative feedback. However, we are confident that our current offerings make us an industry leader.”