Press Release

Exponential-e, the British Cloud, Network and Unified Communication provider, today announced it has achieved Stage 2 Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) compliance. One of a small group of companies to achieve this status, Exponential-e is now able to deliver HSCN services to public sector customers. HSCN is designed to meet the requirements of an integrated and evolving health and social care sector, helping to deliver integrated ICT services.

HSCN connectivity will provide the underlying network arrangements to help integrate and transform health and social care services by enabling organisations to access and share information more reliably, flexibly, and efficiently. Providers of health and social care will be able to obtain network connectivity from multiple suppliers in a competitive marketplace and collaborate securely with comparable organisations.

Stage 2 compliance means that Exponential-e now has certified connectivity access to HSCN central services, as well as two geographically diverse Crown Hosting Data Centres. The connection to the Crown Hosting Data Centres means that Exponential-e can contribute to the UK Government’s aim for the public sector to put the cloud first. This enables the seamless delivery of HSCN services to the Health and Social Care Sector, including NHS trusts, with the added benefit of connectivity into Crown Hosting Data Centres.

Exponential-e’s achievement follows the company’s success in securing a position on the HSCN Access Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) back in November 2017. Exponential-e is well placed to deliver these mission-critical services, as seen in the company’s tested capability in delivering:

· Solutions that support better patient outcomes, facilitate mobile working for clinicians, and remove the burden of maintaining and supporting legacy systems

· Cost-savings and flexible pricing, enabling healthcare organisations to reduce capital expenditure and increase financial sustainability

· A multi-services platform that enables customers to prioritise services and departments, ensuring that they’re allocated sufficient bandwidth during peak times and prioritise critical clinical applications over other traffic

Afshin Attari, Director Public Sector Exponential-e, commented: “HSCN has the ability to effectively relieve pressure on hundreds of trusts that have been reliant on ageing network infrastructure. It is also the chief enabling platform for new technologies and services, empowering the public sector with more choice. We’re looking forward to helping the likes of NHS Trusts, CSUs, and CCGs drive innovative thinking across the Health and Social Care Sector, relieving the NHS of the confines of a legacy network in the process. Not only will this make each patient’s experience better but, ultimately, it will also enable frontline staff to carry out their vital jobs as efficiently as possible.”