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The Cloud and Network provider Exponential-e today announces it will become one of the first UK service providers to offer Dell EMC VxRail Appliances for private cloud deployments.

Jonathan Bridges, Chief Innovation Officer at Exponential-e, says: ‘Our core focus in including VxRail within our portfolio is to increase the speed and reduce the time-to-delivery of new private cloud services whilst integrating to our next generation Software defined WAN, to give customers a true end to end hybrid cloud service model.

“Offering Dell EMC VxRail Appliances will enable Exponential-e to continue to increase the speed of its deployments,” says Ian Heath, UK&I Director – Alliances, for Dell EMC. “By coupling Dell EMC’s platform with its own unique Layer 2 Software-defined WAN services, Exponential-e will be able to offer even more seamless migrations to the cloud.”

Dell EMC VxRail will also support wider integration with Exponential-e’s rich array of cloud and managed services. An important example is the Exponential-e’s strategic partnership with Morpheus, which leverages VxRail for their innovative cloud and centralised automation services. (To read about our partnership with Morpheus, please refer to:

As Jonathan Bridges explains, ‘Dell EMC VxRail allows simple deployment of private cloud solutions whether within a customer’s location, international site or Exponential-e’s own data centres.’ He continues: ‘When integrated to our centralised cloud management platform, VxRail also gives our customers access to a rich range of value services, including business continuity, object storage and wider public cloud capabilities’.

The market for private and hybrid, as well as public, cloud continues to grow apace; the market for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) grew at 69% over 2017, with Dell EMC noted as the overall HCI solution sales leader*. Service providers therefore need to offer customer-tailored solutions that span all delivery options.

‘With the increased take-up in Platform-as-a-Service and cloud-native development, we need to be able to offer our customers the ability to start their cloud journey with a packaged service option,’ says Jonathan Bridges.

The use of Dell EMC VxRail and Dell EMC engineered solutions empowers Exponential-e to extend its portfolio and cater to this demand, while still allowing core integration to its centralised cloud automation platform. This lets Exponential-e offer (in Jonathan Bridges’ words) ‘one bill, one service model and one support model across the customer landscape.’ He proudly calls it, “Power of One”.

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