Press Release

Norwegian wifi company Eye Networks has signed an agreement with eero, an Amazon company, for the distribution of mesh wifi products and services to Nordic broadband service providers.

“This is our biggest distribution agreement to date,” said Jan Pedro Tumusok, CEO of Eye Networks.

The eero for Service Providers program combines eero hardware with subscription software and services for broadband operators, enabling them to deliver hassle-free mesh wifi to their customers with backend tools for analytics, management, and support. A mobile app and security services are also part of the package.

This distribution agreement finally brings eero mesh wifi solutions, which have been available in North America and select European countries for a while, to the Nordics. eero’s innovative products have been widely praised, with the eero Pro 6 being highlighted as one of the fastest mesh wifi solutions on the market.

“eero offers the best of both worlds: Scalability and crucial backend tools for service providers, while also delivering ease of use and high performance for their customers. The first thing consumers will notice is how easy it is to install. Open up the box, plug in the power cable and download the mobile app and let it guide you,” said Linda Firveld, Eye Networks’ chief operating officer.

The models on offer in the Nordics will be eero 6 and eero Pro 6, which both support wifi 6 and come with Bluetooth and a built-in Zigbee smart home hub.

The new distribution agreement makes Eye Networks eero’s first distribution channel partner for the eero for Service Providers program in Europe.

Eye Networks CEO Jan Pedro Tumusok sees the agreement as an acknowledgement of the company’s extensive technical and professional expertise. “We aim to be the leading wifi solution partner in the Nordic region, and we are solidifying this position by collaborating with an international pioneer and powerhouse in the field of wifi and smart home technology,” he said.

The rollout of eero in Norway, Sweden and Finland will get underway in September. Denmark will follow suit at a later stage.