Press Release

A new partnership announced today between global streaming technology leaders Quiptel (a Falcon Media House Company) and the LaserNet Group, experts in digital and broadcast technologies with headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa, will enable the two businesses to deliver OTT services to millions of users across Africa.

The partnership enables Quiptel to offer its Q-Flow powered OTT platform to LaserNet, who will both create integrated platform offers to telcos and mobile operators, as well as providing hosted streaming services to independent content owners. The LaserNet team, combines many years of experience in the evolving media and technology industries, with the expertise and geographic location to realise the burgeoning opportunities for new OTT services across Africa.

Going beyond traditional network limitations, the Quiptel Media Platform (QMP) delivers flawless streams using its patented Q-Flow technology. Designed to overcome the challenges of congested and slow connections to deliver content to the end user using the most efficient and cost effective route, it enables seamless streaming over even the most challenging networks and mobile conditions. Rather than investing in hardware and laying new network cables, the joint solution will enable broadcasters and cable companies to increase their market share with a lower capital expenditure. Q-Flow provides a unique win: win solution for both the OTT Operator and their end users alike.

Sandip Sarda, CEO Quiptel, said “OTT players are thriving in Africa, driven by smartphone penetration and the roll-out of 3G/4G networks, but the challenge is still how to minimise the cost of distribution and at the same time provide a great video streaming experience. Our partnership with LaserNet will encourage innovation, enable technology related training and empower African start-ups across the content creation and production spectrum, enabling them to reach across Africa as well as into other markets like the US and Europe. Quiptel’s technology provides a footprint and access to those markets too as well as facilitating the digital switchover, which is good for Governments and citizens alike.”

Ivan Bridgens, CEO LaserNet Group, said, “The explosion of the smartphone market, and with it the increase in demand for streaming video content requires a robust and reliable OTT service both inside and outside the home. For today’s customers it’s essential that the quality of experience can be relied upon. Quiptel represents the future of the industry, with Q-Flow, a game changing technology and a deep understanding of consumer needs. This partnership will enable a platform for niche content owners to showcase their content.”

Gert Rieder, Chief Executive Falcon Media House, commented “We’re excited to partner with a highly established business like LaserNet which recognises that content delivery via OTT platforms represent the future beyond broadcasting. LaserNet has a huge established contact network including many of the leading telco, media and broadcast companies in the region and we’re looking forward to working with them to deliver a world class service using QMP & Q-Flow which will help their customers to grow in a cost-efficient manner, avoiding the huge costs of building infrastructure. More than half a billion people across Africa now subscribe to mobile services, with the number expected to grow to 725 million by 2020 – and these are the defacto devices used to consume content. We see this as a huge market to empower with a great viewing experience through the combined solution with LaserNet in the market.”