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FiberLight, LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of construction experience building and operating mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks, announces the release of its newest case study. This case study outlines a project completed for The City of Bastrop, Texas, supporting the City’s digital transformation, helping it provide efficient, innovative and proactive services for residents and fostering ongoing economic growth.

In this latest case study, FiberLight discusses limited fiber access as an inhibitor to local government service and connectivity over a growing city footprint. Furthermore, it discusses how fiber networks can be augmented to support expanding requirements from public libraries, vendors, residents and businesses for robust redundancy, reliability and bandwidth.

The City of Bastrop’s existing dark fiber network ring required expanded geographic reach and fiber access capabilities to enable connectivity that could extend to support numerous construction initiatives that are currently underway and enhance service delivery for residents.

Chosen by the City of Bastrop due to their history of partnership, FiberLight met both long-term growth requirements and immediate needs by adding three new 1Gbps Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) fiber circuits to the existing fiber ring. Capacity was distributed to Bastrop’s city hall, convention center, library, vendors and more, enabling the fiber ring to offer more robust access to redundant, scalable and high-capacity connectivity. This addition also works in conjunction with the two-strand dark fiber ring that FiberLight built in Bastrop in January 2019 for the local Economic Development Corporation.

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