Press Release

Fivetran, the leading automated data integration provider, today announced new functionalities and a significant expansion of Powered by Fivetran, a managed service offering that gives cloud application providers and data insights companies a faster, more efficient way to build custom data-powered experiences on top of the Fivetran infrastructure. 

Since its launch in June 2020, Powered by Fivetran has seen rapid adoption, increasing its customer count to nearly 200. Powered by Fivetran was also recently named Data Integration Innovation of the Year for 2021 by the Data Breakthrough Awards. Fivetran has continued to evolve the offering, and today’s announcement includes powerful new improvements to its REST API, including support for a custom-branded OEM integration designed for product teams that want to embed Fivetran while maintaining the look and feel of their native application.

Composed of an easy-to-use REST API, automated data connectors for more than 150 different data sources, and a simple embeddable setup form for users, Powered by Fivetran helps companies reduce the time required to build and deliver analytics applications and portals to their customers. Companies that implement Powered by Fivetran eliminate the resource-intensive task of developing and maintaining data pipelines to onboard data from their customers. Instead, companies can focus on creating data-rich product experiences and surfacing insights to their users.

Many customers are realising significant results with Powered by Fivetran. “We didn’t want to allocate resources to data replication, as we knew that time could be better spent creating valuable insights for our customers,” said Eric Westerkamp, CEO of CaliberMind, a leading B2B customer data platform for revenue marketers. “With the Connect Card capability, Powered by Fivetran helps our product team get to market faster with our application and focus efforts on developing the embedded analytics that make it competitive.”

Another Powered by Fivetran enhancement is expanded functionality of its REST API, including OAuth token support for connectors. With this support, the connectors can receive an OAuth token directly from a customer’s application and form a connection between an end-user data source and Fivetran, with no Connect Card required. This means product teams can use the functionality of Fivetran to onboard customer data while maintaining complete control over the look and feel of their app’s user experience — including ownership over the OAuth flow. With this new OAuth token functionality, Powered by Fivetran now includes two OEM offerings: one quick-to-implement, Fivetran-branded solution via Connect Cards, and one that can be custom-branded to match the look and feel of the application it is embedded inside of. 

Through Connect Cards, the Fivetran-branded OEM offering gives product teams that are developing an analytics-focused software application a simple and reliable way to onboard data into their app. 

“Powered by Fivetran solves a data problem faced by many product teams, data consultancies and marketing agencies — how do we easily and securely connect to data from our customers, partners and other external groups,” said Alexa Maturana-Lowe, Director of Product Management at Fivetran. “The Powered by Fivetran offering remains a major focus for our product team. We’re proud to evolve it with new functionalities that will help us better serve our customers and save them valuable time.”