Press Release

Parsippany, NJ (June 15, 2022) – FNT Software, the leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data center, and telecommunication infrastructures worldwide, today announced the release of FNT IntegrationCenter, a software integration framework that simplifies data sharing and reconciliation between the FNT Command Platform and third-party systems.

With the FNT Command Platform, companies can build and maintain a Digital Twin of their hybrid IT, telecommunications, and data center infrastructures. Based on its comprehensive documentation and planning capabilities, FNT Command offers a unified data repository of physical, logical and virtual assets, resources and services data, and their dependencies. FNT IntegrationCenter reconciles the data from different sources and makes it usable throughout a company via integrations with other disparate applications, therefore eliminating information silos. Changes made in FNT Command can be distributed to other systems, keeping data consistent in all systems. Additional capabilities such as process integration, visualization and planning functionality make FNT Command a single point truth for the efficient operation of the entire infrastructure.

“We’re proud to release FNT IntegrationCenter and provide universal compatibility between FNT Command and external management systems and data sources,” said Carsten Wreth, CEO at FNT Software. “As FNT Command ensures the data flowing between applications is always up to date and accurate, businesses can now confidently manage complex systems.”

FNT IntegrationCenter is comprised of four distinct functional blocks including FNT StagingArea, FNT ReconcilliationEngine, FNT EventEngine, and FNT Platform APIs. Individually, each component serves a specific purpose. Collectively, they deliver all the functionality needed for any data integration scenario.

FNT StagingArea: Graphical Modeling of Interfaces

The FNT StagingArea component of FNT IntegrationCenter supports graphical ETL-based processes with automated data synchronization, high levels of standardization, and built-in plausibility checks. A visual editor makes it possible to model and manage interfaces to many different systems without the need for specialist programming skills. Data can be easily extracted from various system silos and joined with other data in FNT Command’s unified data repository or exported out of FNT Command to other systems. This creates a solid foundation of information for managing IT infrastructures and business services in a holistic manner.

FNT ReconciliationEngine: Ensures Data Integrity

Reconciling data from the real network, IT infrastructures and data centers is vital for keeping the data in an inventory system up to date and accurate. Planned and documented resources must be in sync with real resources to ensure new planning cycles are based on actual documented resources. This is the value FNT ReconciliationEngine contributes to integration projects. High performance algorithms enable millions of datasets to be handled in short time while mapping tables and alignment rules allow FNT ReconciliationEngine to be adapted to customer needs without additional programming. FNT ReconciliationEngine also has an open architecture and allows FNT customers and partners to write their own integrations via Java based adapters.

FNT ReconciliationEngine offers many benefits in large migration projects as it allows a continuous delta migration of legacy databases with a zero-downtime approach and mediates the risk of outages during system replacement projects.

FNT EventEngine: Enriches Events for Various Use Cases

FNT EventEngine supports event-based data handling such as user actions or events from external systems. To handle FNT Command user actions, the EventEngine connects to the FNT Command Message Bus to fetch different user events which are generated by a user, for example placing a card in a shelf. After enrichment by Groovy Scripts, these events can be filtered and forwarded to external systems such as workflow management, order management, and ticketing systems. FNT EventEngine can also listen to events from external systems and react accordingly. These external events can trigger operations configured in the EventEngine.

FNT Platform APIs: Integrates External Software Systems and Applications

The first three components of FNT IntegrationCenter support the transfer and synchronization of data. The final element, which ties them all together, are the interfaces that provide the means for data to move. FNT APIs are predefined, open, and self-extending interfaces that encompass a wide range of options for connecting and exchanging data and feature an extensive library of over 1,600 function calls that can be used to integrate virtually any software system. Its web service-based integration allows systems to exchange data independently of platforms and protocol. As a result, there is a wide range of options for running searches and queries as well as supporting create, update, and delete access to the FNT Command Platform.

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