Press Release, one of the most recognized conferencing and collaboration brands in the world, is providing online classroom capabilities to teachers and students across the world as the coronavirus causes a growing number of school closures. Educators can benefit from a collection of free features that make virtual classes simple, effective and free. enables educators to host and record lectures, schedule study sessions with screen sharing, and use drawing tools while teaching. Students can use the free service to collaborate on projects and stay connected with classmates throughout this challenging time.

“School closures do not have to disrupt education. Students of all kinds can benefit from free video and collaboration tools that enable them to learn from home. We offer a free service that any educator can benefit from with no barrier to getting started,” said Dave Erickson, President, CEO and Founder at “Whether you’re a student or a teacher, these services are available so that you can get connected and continue to learn and share knowledge online.” is the second largest conferencing provider in the world based on minute volume and has been providing free audio-conferencing services for nearly two decades. It offers free audio, video and screen sharing on any device, online and via its Android, iPhone and iPad mobile apps.

"The future of education is expanding beyond the four walls of the classroom. With a free collaboration tool like, I can provide ample opportunities for students to virtually learn from experts outside my classroom," said Edward S., AP teacher & EdTech coordinator at Woodrow Wilson High School.

The service is already being used by staff and students at Michigan State University, New York University, University of Southern California, Pepperdine University and Yale University. 9,000 schools across the US are already using to support learning.

“Teachers, students and parents all around the world are worrying about the coronavirus and how badly it will affect education and everyday life,” said Erickson. “Amongst this uncertainty, we’re proud to be offering a free tool to help combat these issues and make online teaching simple and seamless. As more institutions embrace these tools, we hope that a growing number of students will benefit from continued education and routine during self-isolation.”
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