Press Release

MySIM announced the launch of « My eSIM » application for Apple iOS mobile phones. An Android version will be available in the coming weeks.

The « My eSIM » application is an initiative of the French startup which aims to create the most advanced, simplest and most affordable eSIM experience to connect travelers.

“Of all the logistical problems you encounter when traveling abroad, finding a SIM card for your phone is a headache,” explains Olivier Dauny, co-founders of MySIM.

These days no one wants to go from Starbucks to Starbucks trying to get WiFi or rely solely on a Google Maps pre-download to find their way.

Likewise, no one wants to spend their first hour of vacation in a mobile phone store dealing with a salesperson with poor English in order to buy a shoddy, super expensive data plan that runs out in an hour. "

The « My eSIM » application is revolutionizing the use of mobile devices, offering travelers easy and affordable access to mobile operators at multiple destinations, with the convenience of an in-app purchase.

With this new service, the French startup is targeting users of new phones equipped¹ with the eSIM function, which allows you to download various data plans to your phone without having to remove your physical SIM card and replace it in each country visited.

MySIM has built a global network with eSIMs just a click away, usable along with its primary number, on the same phone.
“Here’s a scenario that many travelers might encounter: you go abroad for a few weeks. You want to purchase a data plan for travel starting with Thailand.
You install the « My eSIM » application, which currently offers an incredibly inexpensive data plan on one of the Thai mobile networks at only € 9.99 for 6GB of 4G speed. You download the eSIM to your phone in 2 clicks. You are connected as soon as the plane lands. « My eSIM » is that easy. "

The application is now available in iOS version on the App Store at the address below: