The FTTH Council Europe has urged European nations to keep their eyes on the prize of full fibre, gigabit connectivity

The European Parliament has today approved a new updated European Electronics Communication Code, which will influence the governance of the telecoms sector across Europe.

The news was greeted enthusiastically by the FTTH Council Europe, which has been a long-term supporter of the revised Code.

“While the entire ecosystem is changing, with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality applications leading the innovation path, Europe needs to step up its efforts and give a real push to infrastructure investments in Europe. We believe the Code creates a more investment-friendly environment as well as ensures the regulatory certainty needed to foster efficient and competitive investments in future-proof digital infrastructures, not only from traditional business models but also from new innovative infrastructure models, e.g. wholesale-only,” he said.

Following the release of the code, FTTH Council Europe president Ronan Kelly urged the industry to continue to crack down on fake fibre, to ensure that Europe continues its journey towards ubiquitous gigabit connectivity.

“We believe that fibre is the only future-proof foundation enabling fixed and wireless gigabit networks as well as all new innovative digital technologies and services, however the words “fibre” and “fibre speeds” are increasingly used in advertisement while the advertised product is not genuinely a full fibre connection but still uses copper at some points of the network” highlighted Erzsébet Fitori, director general of the FTTH Council Europe. This confusion is misleading for the consumers and prevents them from making an informed choice about the products available to them, and also risks hindering fibre take-up, which could in turn affect innovation and weaken the business case for investments”.