The UK’s new PM has reiterated his calls for 100% FTTH penetration by 2025

The UK’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, has reiterated calls for the country to provide fibre to the home (FTTH) connectivity to every home and business in Britain by 2025.

The government’s previous target was to achieve this milestone by 2033, but Johnson has repeatedly called for that date to be moved forward.

"It is a disgrace that this country should suffer from a deep digital divide, so that many rural areas and towns are simply left behind," he said in the run up to his election.

Johnson is yet to provide any details of how he intends to deliver on his promise, but his election means that Britain’s alt-net providers can expect a renewed surge in opportunities in the UK.

“We are delighted to see the new government recognise the vital importance of rolling out this transformational infrastructure, and we stand ready to work with government to help achieve this vision," a CityFibre spokesperson said.  

“The Government’s 2025 target is an ambitious one, and some bold steps are needed to achieve it. 

“An essential element will be to continue to unlock the very significant private investment from companies such as ours in a vibrant competitive market; one prioritised to roll out full fibre to as much of the UK as possible in the shortest possible time," they added.

The latest figures from Ofcom show that the UK has reached about 7 per cent of the population with its full fibre networks, up from less than 1 per cent at this time last year. 

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