EAGLE subsea cable will provide high speed data links between Europe, Middle East and Asia

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has revealed plans for a high-speed subsea cable network, linking key business hubs in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The EAGLE submarine cable network will stretch from Italy to Hong Kong, via a central hub in Mumbai, India. EAGLE will provide 16,650 km of 100G cabling, with landing points in Thailand and Singapore, to meet growing cloud infrastructure and capacity demands from global enterprises and over-the-top (OTT) players.

Companies will be able to lease or own capacity on the network, depending on their individual needs.

"With flexible access speeds and open co-location, the system will enable growing numbers of OTT start-ups, new generation carriers and smaller cloud operators to buy and rent fibre affordably in a scalable model," said Wilfred Kwan, chief operating officer of GCX.

EAGLE will boast top speeds in the multiple 100s of Gigabytes per second (Gbps), which, GCX claims, makes it the fastest cable in the world running between Mumbai and Hong Kong. It also has the added benefit of avoiding the problematic Malacca Strait.

EAGLE is also set to become the fastest submarine cable route from India to key locations in Europe and the Middle East, GCX said.

The project will dramatically improve bandwidth availability in key growth areas, benefitting telcos and businesses in emerging markets in particular.

"Demand for international bandwidth connected to Asian countries is expected to increase over 10-fold between 2017 and 2023 and bandwidth linking Europe to Middle East and Asian countries is forecasted to increase seven-fold during the same period," said Alan Mauldin, research director, TeleGeography.

It will also create a next-generation IP and cloud environment across the area using GCX’s cloud ecosystem, connecting data centres and economies along the route to its hub in India.

GCX is owned by India’s Reliance Communications, which recently announced its plan to exit the consumer telecoms market and focus instead on enterprise, carrier and subsea networks.

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