Press Release

GeoSpock, the extreme-scale spatial big data integration company, has announced the appointment of Martin Brown as Chief Product Officer. In his new role, Martin will lead the company’s product and engineering teams to support GeoSpock in its ambition to become the de facto spatial-temporal processing engine.

Martin has held a number of product leadership roles during his 27-year career. He has extensive experience working with some of the world’s largest brands, including Apple, IBM and Microsoft, on software development, database engineering and product development. For the last 12 years, Martin has specialised in database technology, with Couchbase, VMWare and Continuent. At the latter, Martin led projects with eBay and which enabled users to delve into datasets in real-time.

Above his work in the corporate world, Martin has also driven innovation in the wider market. He has authored over thirty books, written for LinuxWorld Magazine, MySQL and ComputerWorld, and led customer and community education at Couchbase, Sun Microsystems and VMWare.

At GeoSpock, Martin’s focus will be on product delivery and creation. He will be charged with ensuring that customers are provided with the data that brings the most value to their business, and that the technology integrates seamlessly into their stack.

“Martin’s extensive background in consulting and data will be an invaluable asset for our business. The role of the Chief Product Officer is still emerging in the UK, however it is becoming a pivotal role in many modern agile businesses. We have appointed Martin in order to put customer value and experience at the heart of what we engineer and deliver as compelling products and services,” said Richard Baker, CEO of GeoSpock. “His strong record of delivering significant revenue growth by creating a clear product strategy and vision will support us in continuing to build momentum and enhance our existing approach for go-to-market activity.”

“GeoSpock is at the forefront of technology, providing unparalleled insight into geo-spatial data for clients. GeoSpock can simply do things that no other company can, unlocking the true value of data,” concluded Martin Brown, Chief Product Officer at GeoSpock. “I believe my background in delivering real value to clients is perfectly aligned to GeoSpock’s goals. I’m driven by giving customers capabilities they didn’t even know existed and my background in software and consulting will help the company make the most of its unique offering. I cannot wait to get started.”