Press Release

Heading off to university or college this September and don’t want to spend a fortune on your phone bill? Look no further. giffgaff has announced a brand new golden goodybag just for students, meaning you can save a bit more cash on your phone bill and splash out on the things you actually want to buy.

From 1st August, students will be able to access a special £10 goodybag which provides 13GB of data, 3GB more data than giffgaff’s regular £10 golden goodybag, which also includes unlimited UK calls and texts and EU roaming. Cha-ching.

To purchase the brand new goodybag, students will need to head to from 1st August and activate their SIM by 31st January 2022. If ordered online, a valid student email address will be required upon activation.

Not only that, but students without a email address will also be able to take advantage of the new golden goodybag should they be in receipt of a Dig-In welcome box, available in university halls of residence around the country. If you have one of these boxes in your new digs, take a look inside for a pack of playing cards and a free SIM, which won’t require a university email address to activate.