Press Release

GL Communications has announced its latest stand-alone and automated voice, video and data testing probe referred to as VQuad Probe HD (High-Definition).

Robert Bichefsky, a senior manager for product development of the company said, “GL’s VQuad Probe HD is an all-in-one self-contained probe supporting multiple physical interfaces for connecting to practically any wired or wireless network while automatically performing voice and data testing. This comprehensive hardware probe incorporates all the features of the VQuad with Dual UTA HD along with portability and remote accessibility“

He added, “The VQuad Probe HD is extremely portable, same length as the Dual UTA HD and about twice as high. Two independent devices are supported on the VQuad Probe HD for connecting to a variety of endpoints. Remote access to the VQuad Probe HD is possible via two on-board GBit Ethernet interfaces. Access using either VQuad CLI/API or simply using Windows Remote Desktop (in other words, Keyboard/Mouse not required). An optional Touchscreen Monitor can connect to the VQuad Probe HD via USB. The Touchscreen Monitor provides full control of the VQuad Probe HD with included virtual keyboard.“

Bichefsky further explained, “VQuad Probe HD supports network-independent Voice Quality Testing on legacy, as well as Next Generation networks. Using a variety of supported interfaces, with the ability to support both NB and WB (HD) audio, Voice Quality can be measured on any network and any device under test. The GL’s Voice Quality analysis supports POLQA (ITU-T P.863) and PESQ (ITU-T P.862) Voice Quality Measurement standards. Along with Voice Quality MOS, additional metrics are returned including Speech Level gain, Noise Level gain, and Speech Activity.

VQuad is enhanced to support Data Testing over any IOS or Android mobile device, and any network including legacy 2G/3G, current generation 4G/LTE, and future 5G. Both Manual and Automated testing is supported with all results sent to the Central Database and accessed using the GL WebViewer. GL NetTest data tests include TCP, UDP, VoIP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMS, and email.

VQuad can now initiate, control, test, and measure video conferencing services over IP and Wireless networks, using the VQuad Video Conference Test solution. Video Tests can be configured between any two active video clients with flexibility of user-specifying characteristics of the Video test. Results include bi-directional Video and Audio MOS (along with several additional video/audio metrics).”

Other features

•Supports up to 12 independent devices per VQuad system
•Each device controlled independently for traffic and call control
•Sendeceive voice files over established calls
•Remote Access for starting/stopping tests along with retrieving results
•Optional VoIP SIP testing with support for Voice Quality and path confirmation
•Optional T1/E1 CAS/PRI with support for Voice Quality