Press Release

Glide, a leader in utilities and broadband connectivity has today announced its sub-metering capabilities. These will enable build-to-rent landlords to efficiently manage utility supplies to their residents, bill them accurately, and gain insight into energy consumption.

Glide’s sub-metering capabilities enable electricity, heating, water and gas meters to be supplied to landlord customers, providing them with the ability to evaluate and implement energy efficiency strategies. The sub-metering offering delivers a valuable customer service experience for billing residents’ utility consumption, whilst ensuring buildings are supplied at cost-optimal tariffs. By offering savings and consumption insights on specific meters, landlords can build more positive resident relationships.

Glide’s metering solution connects to its IP infrastructure, resulting in reliable and high granularity data backhaul. This offers third parties a number of benefits, helping them allay any concerns with meter communications, facilitating changes in tenancies and managing overall building utility consumption.

Tim Pilcher, CEO of Glide commented: “We are thrilled that we are able to offer these sub-metering capabilities to our landlord’s customers, helping to support their residents with efficient utilities management. The deployment of certified billing meters within a building IP infrastructure is new to our market, and we are excited to have developed this. It is key that we are able to provide our customers with the reassurance and reliability they need. We look forward to continuing to offer our customers simplified operations and added value.”