The wireless technology continues to transform our lives in more than one ways. Now, the upcoming 5G technology promises to take this transformation to the next level and reshape the world, as we know it. The technology has the potential to connect billions of things and forever alter the way we live and work. Ubiquitous coverage coupled with extremely low latency means that it opens up a plethora of use cases, such as connected cars, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities, among others.

Unlike the previous wireless technologies, 5G demands active participation of other industry verticals. In keeping with this, the forthcoming eighth edition of Global Mobile Broadband Forum at ExCeL Center in London on November 15-16, 2017, brings together industry and technology leaders on a common platform to ascertain the progress made by 5G ecosystem in the last one year. It also charts out the future development path of the upcoming technologies.

Hosted by Huawei, along with GSMA and GTI, the event brings together a strong lineup of industry thought leaders, who will set the stage for the future research and development of the 5G technology. Senior executives from Huawei, BT, Telefonica, Vodafone Group, Ford, Viacom and P&G Europe will present a holistic view of the 5G developments.

The event has played a crucial role in the development of future technologies. Last year, the world’s first Massive MIMO commercial network was launched at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum. At the 2015 event, the world’s first 1Gbps 4.5G network was released in Hong Kong, China.

Rethinking the network strategy
The road towards 5G demands a complete rethink of the network strategy and architecture. The current networks are incapable of meeting the requirements of ubiquitous connectivity as envisioned by 5G. Huawei will demonstrate the key 5G technologies of carrier aggregation, 4×4 MIMO and 256QAM, to achieve the ultra-high speed of 1.9Gbps. The attendees at the event will also be able to see the 4T4R (4 Transmit 4 Receive) and 8T8R products that take the industry closer to realizing the vision of 5G.

Innovative and exciting demonstrations at the event promise to up the ante for the industry to prepare the networks and infrastructure for everything and always connected world. The technology showcase will demonstrate that 5G is no longer a buzzword but is going to be a part of our lives sooner than we expect.

The journey towards 5G requires a collaborative approach to drive innovation, both within and outside the industry. Huawei is involved in a number of joint innovation operations with operators and other vertical industry firms, across the globe. Some of these innovations, especially in 5G New Radio, will be demonstrated at the event.

As the high-speed networks become ubiquitous and reliable, they will be used for mission-critical requirements. It is emerging as a critical use case of the upcoming technology. The attendees at Global Mobile Broadband Summit will witness the path-breaking demonstrations of latest technology and solutions used to support public security and WTTx for home broadband.

Highlight of the event is a cross-country drone between China and the UK, showcasing instant HD image transmission and features such as facial recognition and thermography. The potential of the upcoming technologies will be presented through demonstrations of various use cases such as connected drones, Cloud-enabled augmented reality, Virtual Reality, smart manufacturing and smart cities.

The 5G networks also entail the transformation of the core network. 5G will enable a number of new capabilities, like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, which demand a different core network. The event will present the developments and industry insights around the construction of 5G core network.

Even as the industry moves towards realizing the vision of 5G, there are still millions of people across the world without the basic connectivity. The developing markets are still struggling with extremely low Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and return on investment. The industry gathering at Global Mobile Broadband Forum this year will reflect on way and means to ensure that new technologies are inclusive in nature and everyone enjoys the benefits of connectivity.

The network evolution is incomplete without innovative applications and use cases which will drive the usage of 5G services. In keeping with its past achievements of raising the bar of innovation, this year Huawei will demonstrate first wireless charging base station for drones, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence guiding helmets and remote medical treatments.

Any discussion on the future technologies is incomplete without tackling the security aspect. The recent frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks threaten to derail the 5G growth. In keeping with this, the industry leaders at the event will discuss the latest technology developments to secure the networks and to fight cyber fraud.

All in all, the event will present an exciting picture of how mobile will further reshape our world!

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