Press Release

“SMS companies often prefer to focus on sales activities and leave the escalating complexity of connecting, routing, testing, and optimizing performance to impartial experts as GTC. Alaris Labs’ customer-centric focus has turned it into one of the market leaders in SMS and telecom solutions, and we are proud to be selected to serve their SMS Platform Customers.“ stated José García, founder at GTC.

“We are excited to announce GTC as our strategic partner to provide Managed Services for our SMS platform customers,” said Andrey Anikin, CEO of Alaris Labs. “Software technical complexity inevitably increases to cater for the evolving business challenges in the market, and for many of our customers, it is becoming critical to keep their focus on Sales performance and at the same time be sure they exploit the technical and commercial potential of our solutions to the full. With our clients requesting Managed Services more and more often, we started looking for a reliable partner and found it in GTC. With GTC, we feel highly confident our customers will get the best level of Managed Services opening new opportunities for their businesses.”

GTC is a trusted consultancy firm registered in Germany for more than six years, offering Consultancy and Managed Services related to SMS, RCS, and Omnichannel environments.

Alaris Labs is a leading software developer with more than 10 years of expertise in the telecom market and over 200 installations all over the world, that provides a suite of top-class products enabling SMS hubbing and voice wholesale business backed up by premium-level technical support services.