Globe’s network upgrade project will underpin the country’s journey towards 5G, which should begin in 2019

Globe Telecom has revealed that it is on course to deliver 95 per cent LTE coverage in the Philippines by the end of 2018, according to a company statement. Globe Telecom now has around 26,200 4G sites, 12,000 of which are LTE ready. In the first six months of 2018, Globe Telecom rolled out an additional 1,752 LTE sites operating on the 700MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum bands.

“We are on course to fulfill our commitment of deploying LTE services to 95 percent of municipalities nationwide by the end of 2018,” said Joel Agustin, SVP for Programme Governance of Globe’s Network Technology Group.

We are aggressively improving our existing network infrastructure by building more cell sites and base stations to enhance the quality of experience of our customers,” he added.

Globe Telecom has seen as sharp increase in data traffic flowing across its networks, due in no small part to the company’s focus on LTE rollout. In the first half of this year, traffic on Globe’s networks rose from 280 Petabytes to 390 Petabytes – a near 40 per cent jump.

“We recognise the evolving needs of our customers on how they use data. Our aggressive network upgrade will enable us to satisfy the demand for bandwidth, which is likely to increase further moving forward,” Agustin added.

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