Press Release

GlobeNet, a wholesale provider of telecom infrastructure in the Americas, announces that its Barranquilla, Colombia, data center has achieved sustainability certification from ICREA (International Computer Room Experts Association), a nonprofit association for the data center industry that has an international presence in over 20 countries. Founded by engineers with experience in the design, construction, operation, management, maintenance, procurement, installation and auditing of data centers, ICREA’s Green Seal certification recognizes sustainable practices, efficient use of energy and harmony with the environment. Globenet is one of only two data centers within Colombia to achieve this distinction.

“Sustainability was an important aspect in the design and construction of our new Barranquilla data center and continues to be a focus in our operations and maintenance of the facility as we strive to achieve maximum efficiency with the use of minimum energy resources,” states Eduardo Falzoni, CEO at GlobeNet. “Organizations all over the world are becoming more concerned about power usage and carbon footprint, and we are honored to be acknowledged by ICREA’s Green Seal certification for our efforts to meet rigorous environment and energy management standards.”

Opened in October 2017, GlobeNet’s 200 square meter, ICREA Level IV certified facility in Barranquilla was designed and built to meet growing demand for wholesale telco, high-speed data and IT services in the Latin American market. It provides integrators and operators with a safe and reliable alternative environment to Bogotá, meeting the highest requirements to support mission-critical IT services. Adjacent to the GlobeNet cable station in Barranquilla, the data center supports a complete portfolio of IaaS services, IP transit, and domestic and international connectivity solutions.
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