Press Release

Globetouch, a leader in global connectivity services for the connected car and the Internet of Things (IoT), has today announced the appointment of Arun Sarin as Chair of its Board of Directors. Sarin brings more than 30 years’ experience of leading some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. He will play a key role in guiding the Board and the wider company team as Globetouch continues to leverage the huge potential of the connected car and IoT markets.

Sarin served as Global CEO of Vodafone PLC from 2003 until 2008, holding a Director position from 1999 to 2008. Prior to joining Vodafone, Sarin served as a Director for AirTouch before becoming President and COO. Since retiring from Vodafone, he has taken on board positions with Cisco Systems Inc., Accenture, Charles Schwab Corp. and Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc, and has previously served on a number of boards for major global brands, including Safeway Inc. and The Gap Inc. Sarin was also a non-executive director of the Court of the Bank of England, and in 2010 was named as an Honorary Knight of the British Empire for his services to the communications industry.

“Globetouch is a leader in arguably the most exciting area of mobile communications today. By building a unique global virtual ecosystem of network operators to support the connected car and IoT verticals, Globetouch is right at the centre of the key opportunities in connectivity. This is a market that offers unlimited growth, and I am keen to join the bold team at Globetouch and be part of the next wave of success,” said Sarin.

“The mobile market is a dynamic and competitive arena, and to have a Chair with such a high profile and depth of experience to lead our Board is both an honour and a hugely valuable asset,” said Globetouch CEO and Board member, Riccardo Di Blasio. “We look forward to working with him to advance Globetouch’s business worldwide.”

“We’re delighted to have such a highly respected professional to lead our Board. Arun Sarin brings a vast amount of expertise garnered at the helm of some of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies, and will have a significant impact on our future,” said Globetouch Vice Chairman of the Board Ori Sasson.