Press Release

Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in manufacturing innovative optical connectivity solutions, has joined global industry specialist Broadband Forum. This will enable Go!Foton to contribute to the evolution of fiber connectivity in Central Offices and Data Centers worldwide where these require the support of next generation services such as c-RAN Cloud Radio Access Network.

In joining the Broadband Forum, Go!Foton will be working with some of the world’s major carriers, vendors and test laboratories. The Forum is focused on engineering smarter and faster broadband networks and looks to achieve the best practices for global networks. This includes service and content delivery, technology migration strategies, and redefining broadband through the NFV/SDN, 5G and Internet of things (loT) transformation.

“The fiber connectivity layer is absolutely critical to help service providers profitably introduce new revenue-generating services. We believe the Broadband Forum is not only dedicated to this cause but is best placed to orchestrate the industry around the definition of what is needed to achieve it. The Forum’s sheer heritage, expertise and body of work is set for a major role as the industry moves forward and we are excited about becoming part of shaping the future of the network,” states Farshid Mohammadi, Go!Foton’s Managing Director of Sales, Connectivity Solutions.

Go!Foton’s constant growth provides a variety of innovative telecom solutions such as the HD Fiber Distribution Management platform, including Passive Optical components for long haul, metro, and broadband access applications such as NGPON2. Go!Foton’s global presence includes sales offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, in addition to R&D and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Japan, China and in the Philippines.

“As the Broadband industry continues to evolve in the direction of fiber-based connectivity, companies such as Go!Foton will have an increasingly important role to play as drivers of interoperability and standards. Go!Foton brings a great amount of experience and expertise to the Forum, and we are very happy to have them on board,” states Robin Mersh, Broadband Forum CEO.