The release of mmWave spectrum will allow operators around the world to deliver the higher speeds and ultra-low latency promised by 5G

The GSMA has written to government ministers from nearly 170 countries across the world, asking them to redouble their focus on freeing up mmWave spectrum, as the industry looks to push on with 5G rollout.

The GSMA’s board of directors called on ministers to focus on making spectrum available in the 26GHz, 40GHz and 66GHz bandwidths, calling the rollout of mmWave spectrum a $565 billion opportunity.  

"Over the next 15 years, mmWave 5G will contribute US$565 billion to global GDP, and hundreds of millions more will be connected to voice, data and broadband. Fully realising this growth will require the action of governments at WRC-19. On behalf of the mobile industry and, more importantly, the citizens and businesses all over the world that depend on robust mobile networks, the GSMA Board urges governments to identify spectrum in the 26, 40 and 66 GHz bands at WRC-19 for mobile. By doing so, you can lay the essential foundation for a bright 5G future," the letter said.

The plea was made ahead of the ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19), to be held in November. The GSMA is expected to release the results of a new mmWave study at the event.