Press Release

According to the latest research into the fast-developing 5G devices ecosystem by Hadden Telecoms, a total of 95 user devices are now announced by 38 manufacturers. The number of 5G devices now confirmed has grown 164% in the past 3 months, with the number of manufacturers announcing 5G products increasing 90% in the same period.

Alan Hadden, Director, Hadden Telecoms said: “5G-compatible devices have been launched in the market in 11 form factors, and even more device types with 5G connectivity are anticipated in the coming weeks and months as operators accelerate deployments of their 5G networks and commercially launch services in all regions worldwide.”

The number of announced devices per form factors is as follows:

* CPE (28)
* Drone/UAV (2)
* MiFi/mobile hotspot (9)
* Module, including for automotive use cases (20)
* Notebook (1)
* Robot (2)
* Smartphone – including foldable designs (28)
* Snap-on accessory for smartphone (2)
* Tablet PC (1)
* Television (1)
* Vending machine (1)

A summary bar chart (PDF file) showing the number of 5G devices per form factor is available to download at

Other 5G-related charts are available to download