Press Release

HFR Networks, Inc., leading the industry with intelligent xHaul RAN Transport and Edge Access solutions, today announced it has joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to collaborate on accelerating the pace of mobile network innovation. HFR Networks will contribute its expertise in open solutions which includes RAN interoperability, mobile convergence, time sensitive networking (TSN), and large scale 5G deployments.

“HFR Networks has joined TIP in support of its deep-rooted commitment to open solutions that eliminate vendor lock-in and accelerate deployments while also decreasing the total cost of ownership,” stated Peter K. Cho, Global CTO, HFR Networks.

As mobile applications and traffic continue to grow, operators around the world recognize the importance of evolving their RAN infrastructure to address new market demands. HFR Networks has been a long standing advocate of open standards to create easily scalable, multi-vendor networks that enable operators to reduce complexity, slash costs, and quickly bring new innovative services to market. HFR Networks’ flexiHaul solutions empower operators with interoperability across RAN vendors to overcome critical transport challenges while enabling 4G capacity upgrades in parallel with new 5G services.