A new report from Cambridge Consultants suggests that mobile network operators must act now to safeguard their profitability in the 5G era

As the world begins braces itself for a whole host of at-scale 5G network rollouts over the next 12-18 months, mobile network operators must ensure that they are in a position to capitalise on the raft of opportunities they will bring, according to a new industry report.

Cambridge Consultants ‘The Real Power of 5G’ report urges telcos to act proactively on the digitalisation of their operations in order to ensure that they see a significant return on their 5G investment.

"For telecom operators, the wireless revolution has led to dramatic changes in their traditional revenue streams. Wireline service revenues have declined precipitously as wireless alternatives have emerged. To sustain wireless revenue growth, the telecom business model has centred on selling the latest, often very expensive, handsets to consumers along with ever-increasing amounts of data. The approach to business customers has been very similar. For all intents and purposes, the word “wireless” is synonymous with “smartphone”. But that will have to change," the report read.

The report argues that the real power of 5G lies in the way it can facilitate digital transformation in the business world.

"Some organisations will gain significant value simply from digitising documentation, for example, and providing remote access to the data. More advanced cloud native organisations, on the other hand, base their operations on the use of virtualized cloud infrastructure. In the future, "network native” organisations will base their operations around 5G based connectivity with their customers, extending their relationship for the entire lifetime of their product," the report continues.


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