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Communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide have been using robotic process automation (RPA) for many years to automate repetitive, low value tasks. RPA frees up employees to focus on what they do best: helping customers and being innovative. Fast forward to today and operators are building on RPA with artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver intelligent automation (IA), which has become a strategic tool to help them reimagine their businesses.

Take the case of VMO2 and how they are using IA technology to elevate and transform their business. Every telecom company is transforming, and every transformation is challenging. But, bringing two huge UK CSPs together, with a “mid-air” merger, creating VMO2 and the resulting transformation challenge is unprecedented.

But VMO2 is succeeding. They are using intelligent automation as a platform, through which they are building their transformation at scale and at light speed. The breadth and scope of their program is significant: the customer experience, the B2B business, networks, HR, finance, and revenue assurance, plus a focus on innovation and new income streams. All this needs to deliver ROI within a year.

Challenge accepted.

Operators such as VMO2 are using IA technology to drive new customer experiences and, in parallel, automate back-office processes. Other operators are using IA to deploy and better manage 4G and 5G networks, while many more are selling it as a service to their enterprise customers. Importantly, CSPs can use IA in conjunction with a long-term strategy of adopting open application programming interfaces (APIs) and an open digital architecture, allowing them to evolve from TELCOS to TECHCOS, just as VMO2.

Telcos must become techcos if they want to find new revenue beyond connectivity. Most are working toward this goal by virtualising their networks and making them software defined and autonomous. At the same time, organizations such as VMO2 are embracing open digital architectures and cloud-native IT operations. But for some, this transition will take years, and operators are under tremendous pressure to demonstrate clear progress now.

This paves the way for Intelligent automation, which has already proven itself as way of reducing operating costs, improving the experiences of customers and employees, and preparing for the monetisation of 5G.

Organisations such as VMO2 are embracing this challenge and are meeting it head-on. It is an important stepping stone on the evolutionary path to becoming a techco.

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