The collaboration highlights the various applications of 5G in Africa, including fixed wireless broadband solutions

Huawei has joined forces with Africa’s biggest mobile operator, MTN, to conduct the continent’s first live 5G trial of fixed wireless broadband. 

The field test took place in the South African capital of Pretoria and delivered download speeds of 520Mbps and upload speeds of 77Mbps. 

The test shows how operators in Africa could use 5G to deliver fixed wireless broadband services, which could eventually provide gigabit connectivity to Africa’s rural and hard to reach populations. 

“These 5G trials provide us with an opportunity to future proof our network and prepare it for the evolution of these new generation networks. We have gleaned invaluable insights about the modifications that we need to do on our core, radio and transmission network from these pilots,” says Babak Fouladi, Group Chief Technology & Information Systems Officer, at MTN Group, told African news site

“It is important to note that the transition to 5G is not just a flick of a switch, but it’s a roadmap that requires technical modifications and network architecture changes to ensure that we meet the standards that this technology requires. We are pleased that we are laying the groundwork that will lead to the full realisation of the boundless opportunities that are inherent in the digital world,” he added.