Huawei Wireless ushered in the cloud era with its cloud strategy at this year’s Mobile World Congress. CloudRAN redesigns network architecture with a cloud philosophy to construct 5G-oriented mobile networks. CloudAIR redesigns air interfaces with a cloud philosophy. Huawei aims to promote, drive, and lead wireless cloudification development.

CloudRAN architecture helps operators construct a futureproof elastic network to meet differentiated service requirements and network complexity challenges. CloudAIR breaks through radio limitations; by cloudifying power, spectrum, and channel resources, this solution helps maximize the value of operator assets.

CloudRAN and CloudAIR pave the way for the evolution of the network and air interfaces to the benefit of operators. These futureproof solutions were demonstrated to interested crowds at the MWC17 Huawei exhibit.

In the current market, different applications and scenarios have vastly different requirements for data rates, that range from Kbps to Gbps, and latency, that range from milliseconds to seconds. This diversity of applications raises more challenges for network capabilities and operations.

Huawei’s CloudRAN solution, established in line with its All-Cloud strategy, improves operator competitiveness in emerging services. Such services demand low latency and involve the Internet of Things, HD video, Virtual Reality, cloud, and 5G. CloudRAN facilitates the cloudification of networks and operating systems for even better agility.

Besides CloudRAN architecture, Huawei redefines mobile access networks with its cloud philosophy applied to radio air interface resources (spectrum, power, and channel). This cloudification maximizes spectrum utilization and increases network capacity in a user-centric network.

CloudRAN and CloudAIR are future-oriented to protect existing investments and facilitate the smooth phase-out of old technologies with the fast introduction of new technologies. Together with the site evolution solution, operators can extend their business from Business to Consumer, to Business to Home, and even Business to Verticals, ensuring sustainable growth.


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