The proposed route would connect Chile with mainland China, with numerous other landing stations across Latin America and the Pacific territories

Chinese tech giant Huawei has expressed a strong interest in building the first subsea cable to connect South and Central America with China.  

Senior Huawei representatives said that the company was following the public tender process initiated by Chile in July and would submit a proposal for the trans-Pacific construction.

“Huawei will be very actively participating in this business opportunity,” David Dou Yong, Huawei’s chief executive in Chile, told Reuters.

“This bidding process has several steps … We are ready and we will follow the process until the bid to select a vendor to implement it starts and for sure we will be part of the tender process.”

Earlier this week, the US government blocked a proposal by Google and Facebook to build a trans-Pacific cable connecting Hong Kong and Los Angeles, on the basis that it could present a challenge to the US’ national security.

The current proposed route between Chile and mainland China could provide an alternative trans-pacific route and provide a much-needed boost to capacity in the region.  

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