The Mate X is Huawei’s most ambitious smartphone handset device to date

Huawei will delay the global launch of its flagship foldable screened smartphone handset, the Mate X, by three months.The Mate X was originally slated for launch in July but has now been pushed back until September, in part due to Huawei’s US ban threatening its ability to access Android services.

Earlier this week, Huawei took steps towards trademarking its own Operating System, known as Hongmeng. Hongmeng is based on the open source version of Android but is believed to be not quite ready for release.  

“Our preference will of course be Google and Android as we have been partners for many years,” Vincent Pang, Huawei’s head of corporate communications, told journalists from Reuters.

“But if the circumstances force us to, we can roll out Hongmeng in six to nine months,” he added.

The Mate X will be Huawei’s flagship, foldable screened, 5G ready handset and is expected to retail in the UK for around £2,000. The handset will directly compete with Samsung’s Galaxy 10 offering, for market share of the next generation of mobile handsets.