The company’s own operating system will be launched as an alternative to Google’s Android OS platform

Huawei has applied to trademark the name "Harmony" for its own brand operating system in Europe, according to reports in the press. Also named Ark OS and Hong Meng, Huawei’s own operating system is being developed as a backstop, in case the company’s on-again off-again ban in the US continues to affect its access to Google’s Android operating system.   

Huawei’s preference is to continue to use Android services for its mobile phone handsets and tablets, however, President Trump’s decision to use a ban on Huawei to gain leverage in his trade talks with China has forced the company to ramp up development of its own operating system.

In an interview with French news site, Le Point, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei said that his company’s new operating system would be around 60 per cent faster than Android, when it launched.

Zhengfei conceded that Huawei does not currently have a viable alternative to the Google Play Store, the Android based platform for app purchases, but that the company was considering all options open to it at this stage.

Huawei has already trade marked the name Hong Meng for its operating system – the name it is expected to use for its product in China.

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