The digital economy is now entering the second growth curve with new technologies, like 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse, changing the way digital content is consumed.

The growing adoption of new technologies-led use cases is driving the digital transformation of the Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises.

The digital transformation is extremely crucial for CSPs to take advantage of the new emerging business opportunities. The maturing digital ecosystem means that the subscribers and businesses are no longer satisfied with basic services. They want to feel privileged through personalized interactions, quick resolutions to problems and product and service recommendations based on their preferences and requirements. One can say that loyalty is no longer based on the product or brand. Instead, it is the result of a consistently superior experience across all touchpoints.

The PEAKS Experience 

Huawei defines this evolving customer experience as PEAKS Experience. It includes five features including targeted precise product and marketing (Know Me), convenient digital applications and convergent ecosystem (Make it Easy), Seamless experience on clouds and networks (Seamless X), assured network and data safety (Protect Me) and lastly, ecosystem value creation (Add Value). A service provider then needs to quickly make changes across product, marketing, channel, service and relationship maintenance. Further, these areas need to be seamlessly integrated to deliver the desired results. 

This kind of customer experience is possible only if the service provider has digitally transformed its infrastructure across digital experience, operations processes and ecosystems partner journeys. 

With evolving digital ecosystem, digital transformation is becoming increasingly complex. There are several changes happening in the industry, including technology generation, architecture reshaping, business innovation and a need to build an agile operation. 

"Huawei has defined the 5D digital transformation model to ensure holistic coverage of CSPs’ digital transformation. These include digital strategy, digital operations, digital services, digital infrastructure and digital governance," says Tim Braulke, Huawei Business and Network Consulting. The model is based on industry standards such as eTOM, ITIL and TOGAF. Huawei is also working with partners to hone the model further. 

The service providers face several challenges in their digital transformation journey. Lack of clear, well-defined strategy, less short-term wins and shortage of digital talent and structure and culture are some of the challenges the CSPs face.

Huawei has garnered insights after working with more than 100 CSPs across the world, covering 75% of the top 50 CSPs in 13 countries. With its extensive experience and proven expertise, it is well aware of the changes happening in the global telecom market and the evolving user requirements. The service providers need to rapidly improve and develop innovative digital products, enhance efficiency, and build sustainable development capabilities. 

DTPC2 To Accelerate Digital Transformation 

Launched in 2018 and upgraded in 2022, Huawei’s Digital Transformation Practice Center (DTPC2) is a digital transformation accelerator for the telecom industry. DTPC2 provides digital consulting services including Planning, Co-creating and Enabling service to enable CSPs’ business success. Firstly, Planning Service provides E2E consulting covering transformation vision co-creation, digital maturity assessment, digital blueprint design and high-value scenarios assessment. Secondly, Co-creating Service provides hands-on practice for high-value scenarios and innovation in uncertain scenarios through a cross-functional team covering cross-domain experts from CSPs, vertical industry and ecosystem partners. Last but not the least, Huawei offers Enabling Service, which enables CSPs’ pre-sales and in-sales teams to expand the blue ocean of the enterprise business market. With more than 300 consulting experts, 200+ digital projects, E2E practice verification environment covering 50+ high-value scenarios and 300+ ecosystem partners, Huawei has proven its capabilities to help service providers accelerate their digital transformation journey.” 

"During the last four years, we have deployed lots of DTPC2 projects, including projects demanding complete digital transformation, at business-to-consumer gaming use cases, business-to-business XR applications. " says Tim Braulke, Huawei Business and Network Consulting.  

Huawei’s offering focuses on enabling digital products and services, network construction and operations and maintenance digitalization, ecosystem integration digitalization, and digital talent development for CSPs. With Huawei’s DTPC2 service providers in different geographies are able to quickly discover new market opportunities and build a profitable business around them. Further, they can transform network and operational capabilities to gain a crucial market edge. 

As the digital economy gathers pace, the service providers need to accelerate the transformation of their operations, so they are able to take advantage of the emerging market opportunities and go beyond offering basic connectivity solutions. Huawei’s DTPC2 framework designed after working with partners in different stages of digital transformation in different regions is perfectly aligned with the needs of the CSPs and is helping them to evolve their operations to innovate and bring new offerings to the market, thus helping them to maximize their earnings and profit margins.