The Thai government says that the launch of the test bed is a key opportunity to engage with the Chinese tech giant on network security

Huawei has launched a 5G test bed facility in Thailand, as the Chinese tech giant continues to showcase its 5G prowess, despite challenging conditions in the west over the security of its networks.

The facility is located in Thailand’s $45 billion Eastern Economic Corridor in the city of Chonburi, where tech giants Ericsson and Nokia also operate facilities.

Huawei is facing increased scrutiny in the west over the security of its networks, as rising trade tensions between the US and China threaten to take their toll on China’s biggest network equipment provider. This month the CEO’s of both Vodafone, Turkcell and Deutsche Telekom have called on European governments to work with Huawei to allow its continued involvement in Europe’s 5G rollout.

Mindful of the situation in the west, the Thai government has touted the benefits of working with Huawei on network security, for the benefit of the wider telecoms industry. Thailand’s Minister of Digital Economy, Pichet Durongkaveroj, told Reuters news agency that the new test bed facility represented a crucial opportunity for collaboration.  

“We keep a close watch on the allegations worldwide. However, this 5G test bed project is a testing period for the country,” Pichet added. “We can make observations which will be useful to either confirm or disconfirm the allegations,” he said. 

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