A new study, commissioned by Gartner, names Huawei as the leader in the field of LTE deployment

Huawei is the market leader in terms of LTE deployment, according to Gartner’s new industry report, ‘The Magic Quadrant for LTE Network Infrastructure. Vendor’s were scored for their ‘completeness of vision’ and thier ‘ability to complete’, with Huawei emerging as the strongest candidate. 

According to the report, Huawei has helped to rollout 360 LTE networks across the globe. Huawei’s LTE networks have brought ultrafast connectivity to over 100 of the world’s capital cities.   

"As users’ demand for data consumption increases, network traffic will proliferate. LTE, with its outstanding coverage in a broad range of areas and high terminal penetration rate, will emerge as the standard for basic networks in the 5G era. In recent years, Huawei has made continuous efforts to lead the LTE evolution, proactively promoted the formation of an LTE industry ecosystem, and launched a 10-fold capacity improvement solution to help operators embrace any potential traffic challenges," a spokesperson for Huawei said.

LTE will be a key technology in the telecoms industry’s evolution towards 5G – with the two distinct technologies working side by side, particularly in the early stages of 5G rollout.

"The approaching 5G era requires operators to be fully prepared in terms of infrastructure, ecosystem, business models, operational capabilities, and other aspects," the spokesperson said.

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