The Asia Pacific stop of Huawei Network Summit (HNS) 2023 was held successfully in Jakarta, Indonesia. With the theme of “Innovations Never Stop”, HNS attracted more than 800 customers and partners from Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and many other Asia Pacific countries.

At HNS, Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech titled “Innovations Never Stop”, shedding light on how Huawei’s Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution takes network quality to new levels. Specifically, Huawei further enhances its CloudCampus, CloudFabric, and CloudWAN solutions from the perspectives of experience, intelligence, and convergence, respectively. On top of that, Huawei unveiled many groundbreaking products, including a first-of-its-kind experience assurance card (used on flagship campus switches), CloudEngine 16800-X (a 400GE data center network switch), NetEngine F8/M14 (converged transport routers), and iMaster NCE Network Digital Map. All of these offerings empower networks with innovations and unleash digital productivity at an accelerated pace.

Launching Huawei’s groundbreaking network innovations

Leon Wang pointed out that Asia Pacific countries attach great importance to digital transformation and therefore greatly accelerate digital transformation across diverse industries. Against this backdrop, data communication networks — a cornerstone for digitalization — need to constantly innovate to meet diversified needs of industries. For example, as governments accelerate digital transformation, there is a huge demand for HD video conferencing to ensure seamless communication experience. Likewise, the finance industry is digitally evolving to Bank 4.0. As such, multi-cloud and multi-vendor become the new norm, requiring data center network operations and maintenance (O&M) capabilities to be constantly upgraded. Another example is the Internet service provider (ISP) sector. ISPs need to provide high-quality network support capabilities to assist enterprises as they enter a period of rapid growth and increasingly demand stable services and bandwidth growth.

Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, delivering a keynote speech

In response, Huawei constantly innovates its Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution by enhancing CloudCampus, CloudFabric, and CloudWAN from the perspectives of experience, intelligence, and convergence, respectively.

  • CloudCampus 3.0 + Experience: Huawei’s high-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus solution focuses on user experience and stands out with four unique features: ultra-high-speed access, simplified architecture, ultimate experience, and simplified O&M. This solution is a great fit for public service, education, finance, transportation, and other industries, where it can help to build a non-blocking office network. The resulting benefits include smooth video conferencing, 50% lower network construction costs, and fast fault recovery in minutes.
  • CloudFabric 3.0 + Intelligence: Huawei’s CloudFabric data center network solution becomes more intelligent than ever, and takes on three distinctive features: ultra-powerful performance, ultra-fast deployment, and ultra-intelligent O&M. In diverse industries like finance, public service, and education, this solution can improve AI training efficiency by 20%, provision services across clouds and data centers in minutes, locate network root causes for application exceptions with one click, and demarcate faults in minutes.
  • CloudWAN 3.0 + Convergence: Huawei’s converged CloudWAN solution creates new value for customers through converged networks, converged devices, and converged management. Leveraging Huawei’s solution, customers in industries such as ISP, urban rail, and energy can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 65% and capital expenditure (CAPEX) by 50% while increasing O&M efficiency by 60%.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to innovate and overcome technical bottlenecks through more R&D investments. Furthermore, Huawei will keep aligning best-in-class products and solutions with customers’ future business development. Doing so will help a wide range of industry customers to bridge technical divides and stay ahead of the competition. Huawei’s extensive training and communication platforms help customers gain fresh insight into leading products and solutions, and explore unique ways to unleash digital productivity.

Vincent Liu, President of Huawei’s Enterprise Network Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, announcing the IP Club member program

At HNS, Vincent Liu, President of Huawei’s Enterprise Network Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, announced the kick-off of the first IP Club member recruitment program in the Asia Pacific region, recruiting more than 350 members during the event.

IP Club is an IP industry peer communication platform initiated by Huawei. IP Club members can enjoy diversified member-only activities, such as in-person technical workshops, face-to-face meetings with industry experts, IP Club Carnival, and peer interaction in the online community. The IP Club program helps build an IP industry community in the Asia Pacific region that unites more IP industry experts and opinion leaders. To date, Huawei has brought together over 2800 IP Club members worldwide.