More and more Thai families choose to use broadband services. Triple T achieved high customer growth rate in Thailand for Year 2015 & 2016, this remarkable achievement show the success of Triple T on FTTH Network Built, Service Package Enrichment & Customer Experience Enhancement in recent years.

To cope with this rapid FBB Business growth, Triple T keeps on expanding its network and thus more and more equipment manufacturers and equipment types landed in the network. The existing Service Activation System deployed in Triple T only supported DSLAM devices. Regarding FTTX, it’s required human access to associated equipment and sent the activation command manually. The activation commands are varied from manufacturers, this not only created lots of manual work and but also generated a considerable percentage of human error. Service activation efficiency is one of key pillar for FBB business development and thus Triple T needs a new Operation Support System to enable automatic service activation for their Multi-Vendor platform on Multi-Service environment.

Huawei‘s Activation Management System (AM) is a unified platform for Multi-vender and provides Multi-interface to satisfy difference business scenarios. The AM is able to receive multiple activation requests from the Service Order System and translate the requests into one or more activation tasks. This enables automatic activation on the corresponding network elements through EMS and assures the success of service activation. Accurate activation command compilation and automatic sending & activation are the exact requirements of Triple T. After several rounds of communication, Triple T recognized Huawei’s solution, and agreement reached for AM solution trial in Triple T’s network.

In October 2016, Huawei established an expert team to perform analysis on 7 Business Scenarios currently in Triple T on Voice, ADSL, VDSL and FTTH services. Together with Triple T’s business rules, the team identified dozens of business combinations to support its full service category. The AM should be able to 1) compile activation command accurately and 2) send command automatically so to achieve accurate & fast activation.

1. Accurate Activation Command Compilation

Based on the Triple T current business scenarios, Huawei formulated the Service Order decomposition rule. So, when Customer submits a Service Application, corresponding activation command can be generated.

To achieve accurate command compilation, it’s required to formulate associated command for different Network Element according to command conversion rule, the command template matching rule & the command parameter definition so to complete command parameters & service resources mapping.

When Customer submits a Service Application, AM divides the application into different Business Work Orders based on the pre-defined order decomposition rule. Then AM calls the associated Business Work Orders Command Template to fit in the network parameters, network resources data, etc. And so, accurate activation command will be compiled accordingly.

2. Automatic Activation Command Issuance

According to the NE configuration information, the target NE interface is located. Then, AM sends the compiled Activation Command to associated NE interface. AM will also control the command execution logic & analyze the result to determine if the Business Work Order has been completed.

AM integrates with the upper-level system and provides feedback based on the executed result of all Business Work Orders. In addition, AM will archive the completed order into the system.

The investigated results and proposed solutions from Huawei were well recognized by Triple T. The proof and concept (POC) & system demonstration of AM in live network was commenced in Nov 2016. After a 3-month in-depth testing on all difference service order scenarios, it is proved that the AM system is capable to generate activation command accurately and issue the command automatically. Triple T decided to deploy Huawei’s AM Solution and the AM system was commercially launched in Apr. 2017.

Based on the requirements of Triple T Business Development, Huawei provides a full automatic & highly reliable Service Activation Solution to Triple T. The solution shortens the service activation time from minutes to seconds. This solution highly contributes to the success of Triple FBB Business Development, in particular on the saving of human resources required for rapid Triple T FBB service delivery.

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