Russia’s telecoms sector is a huge opportunity for companies looking to show off their 5G capabilities on a grand scale

Chinese tech giant Huawei, has teamed up with Russian telco Beeline, to deliver the country’s first ever holographic call over 5G.

The live demonstration took place at the Moscow Museum, with the participants using Mixed Reality glasses to perceive the hologram in 3D. The call was conducted between Beeline’s CEO Vasyl Latsanych and Aiden Wu, CEO of Huawei in Russia.

"This May 2018, Beeline and Huawei signed an agreement to pursue the joint development of 5G in Russia. Our cooperation has been extremely productive, which today’s demonstration has quite clearly shown. We will continue working together to bring the implementation of a new communication standard closer to becoming a worldwide phenomenon and speed up the process of creating new technologies and services based on this standard," said Wu.

Huawei will be keen to showcase its global 5G prowess, having recently been snubbed by India and Korea for their 5G development programmes.

The demonstration in Russia used Huawei’s gNodeB 5G base station and was broadcast using spectrum in the 26.6-27.2GHz band.

Beeline’s CEO, Latsanych said that the test showcased the real progress that was being made in the Russian telecoms sector.

"The rapid development of modern technologies sets a precedence for operators to provide subscribers with high-quality mobile communications at high speeds. That’s why Beeline is already preparing its network infrastructure and is conducting research on how to make a rational transition to 5G technologies. We simply wish to offer our subscribers an understanding of how such technologies can become an integral part of their daily lives, and how they can simplify and improve their user experience. That is why it is growing increasingly important for Beeline to test real business use cases and explore the potential client capabilities of fifth-generation mobile technologies," he said. 

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