The Festival of Speed celebrates cutting edge motor sport, and is taking place from the 4th – 7th July

Huawei is showcasing a range of cutting edge 5G use cases, at this year’s Festival of Speed, at Goodwood.

The Chinese tech giant will bring its 5G Experiential hub to the grounds of Goodwood, allowing visitors to experience a number of 5G powered experiences, such as cloud gaming, 360 live streaming and broadcasting and cloud virtual reality.

In addition to participating in this year’s event, Huawei has also signed a three-year deal to showcase its 5G use cases at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed.  

“We are delighted to have entered into this partnership which will give Huawei the opportunity to demonstrate the many benefits of superfast 5G connectivity, of which we are the global leader. And where better a place to demonstrate than at the Festival of Speed. Huawei’s demonstration of fast paced 5G connectivity is fitting with the festival’s own philosophy of breaking boundaries and pushing speed to its limits,” said Victor Zhang, Huawei’s global president of public affairs.

“We are the industry leader in 5G technology and are looking forward to showing people the difference it will make to their everyday lives, allowing them to both work and play faster. 5G is going to transform the UK’s connectivity and Huawei looks forward to making the UK the number one digitally connected country on the planet.”

The deal will allow Huawei to showcase its 5G prowess at a time when the UK government is reviewing the company’s role in its 5G network rollout.

Huawei has been involved in both EE and Vodafone’s 5G launches in the UK and will expect to play a role in both Three and O2’s forthcoming launches.

“We are proud to be helping Vodafone open up a new world of seamless opportunities with their launch of 5G mobile services in the UK. This reinforces the UK as a 5G leader and builds on our 18-year history of supporting the digital economy here,” Zhang said, following Vodafone’s 5G launch in the UK, earlier this week. 

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