Press Release

Ryse Energy, the global leader in decentralized renewable energy is set to bring sustainable clean power for telecom towers as the newest member of the Tower Automation Alliance.

The new international alliance focused on automation of telecom towers has a new partner among its ranks. Ryse Energy, the renewable energy technology company is the latest member of the TAA, set to lead and coordinate hybrid renewable energy projects for telecom towers.

Ryse Energy is joining the ‘Greening the Network’ working group with the purpose of helping telcos reduce energy consumption and waste, increase operational efficiencies and usher the industry towards a more sustainable future.

The projects in this area of automation include a comprehensive renewal of towers’ energy systems by deploying wind turbine technology, solar power systems and battery storage.

Blanca De La Fuente, Telecoms Energy Transition Lead for Ryse Energy commented:
“With increasing power requirements from 4G and 5G, site space constraints, a drive towards a leaner cost, in addition to societal pressures to decarbonize and go greener, telecom site owners are facing real challenges at the cell site. Our hybrid renewable energy systems, incorporating our innovative wind technology, solar PV and battery storage, enable TowerCos, MNOs and ESCOs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce operating costs, and increase reliability and resilience. Joining the Alliance will enable us to collaborate and partner with other members to solve the greatest challenges telecom site owners are facing today, by increasing on-site renewable energy technology and build towards a greener network.”

Powering a greener future for the telco sector.

The incorporation of the energy company is an extremely valuable addition for the TAA as it opens the door to automating the power generation operation and maintenance processes that support a site and its related equipment.

The solar-wind hybrid system is the first of its kind in the alliance working groups and will be deployed for on-grid and off-grid towers.

Energy represents up to 50% of OPEX in a cell site, particularly for remote off-grid locations and fossil fuel is the main contributor to these high costs, and on-grid sites where electricity costs remain high.

Building hybrid renewable energy systems into the site reduces costs and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner atmosphere and energy ecosystem.

Commenting on Ryse Energy’s addition, Jesús del Estad, Director of the Tower Automation Alliance, said “we’re delighted to welcome Ryse Energy to our alliance. Their cutting-edge technology, innovative mindset for the telco industry and leadership in the renewables sector will be critical assets. Blanca and Ryse Energy bring an ideal combination of skills, technology and experience with some of the biggest players in the market that are key as the alliance continues to lead the conversation on green energy for towers”, he concluded.

An open alliance.

Ryse Energy joins Atrebo, Everynet, Outlocks and vHive as partners of the Tower Automation Alliance, the alliance is open to new members that can help develop automation prototypes covering both current and potential use cases for towerCos and MNOs across the globe. Companies are participating in different working groups including technology such as Digital Twin, IoT, renewable energy, and Artificial Intelligence.