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HYLA Mobile, a leading provider of mobile device trade-in and reuse solutions, today announces that Belong, a seller of pre-owned smartphones in the Japanese market, is using HYLA’s patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enable Belong’s used smartphone purchase app ‘Belong Buy-Back’ (

It is estimated that Japanese consumers have over 2 trillion-yen worth of smartphones left untouched, sitting in drawers. Belong provides the capability for these consumers to sell their unused phones and gain the latent value these devices still hold. In the past, devices needed to be physically inspected in-person to accurately assess their condition. Now, with the implementation of HYLA’s Advanced Diagnostics, inspections can be completed remotely.

HYLA’s Advanced Diagnostics leverages patented AI technology to determine the condition of a device – specifically, whether it functions as expected (e.g. digitizer, cameras, accelerometer) and that the screen is without cracks. To complete the screen assessment, the app remotely captures an image of the screen, uploads it to a secure cloud and processes it via a Machine Learning algorithm, which provides a crack/no-crack response in less than 2 seconds. Finally, it employs advanced fraud detection measures to ensure the device tested is the same one received.

“HYLA Diagnostics is unique in that it can remotely value a device for trade-in – as well as other valuable use cases – thus bringing great convenience to consumers and ensuring they unlock the best value for their devices, while giving assurance to the buyer of the device regarding its quality,” said Joe Settimi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Emerging Business Unit, HYLA Inc.

HYLA’s AI based diagnostics technology has seen increasing adoption in the mobile device insurance and protection space across Europe and the US.

About HYLA Mobile

HYLA partners with leading wireless carriers, retailers, OEMs, insurers, and online brands to provide lifecycle management for used mobile devices. HYLA extends the life of these devices to consumers around the world, providing access to affordable, high-quality wireless technology in developed and emerging markets and also help in lowering cost of insurance programs.
The secondary mobile device market is estimated to grow to $38.9 billion in 2025, up from $19.7 billion in 2017, making it one of the fastest-growing segments in the mobile space. HYLA has completed more than 53 million mobile device trade-ins since its founding in 2009. To learn more about how HYLA Mobile is changing the way people think about used mobile devices, visit

About Belong

Under the motto “Creating new ecosystem to own second hand mobile phone with life-time support,” the used smartphone sales site “Nicosuma” ( was founded in 2019. We sell “good second-hand goods cheaper than the industry standard” with terminal purchases using networks all over the world and inspections at the highest level in the industry.

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