A new deal with Brent Borough Council is set to revolutionise connectivity in the area


The London Borough of Brent is set to be transformed into a "Gigabit Borough" as fibre to the home (FTTH) specialists Hyperoptic pledge to bring 100,000 FTTH connections later this year.

Hyperoptic already provides 2,000 customers in the borough with gigabit capable FTTH services, but that number will skyrocket thanks to a partnership signed between Hyperoptic and Brent Borough Council.

“Hyperoptic has been committed to Brent for many years, consequently it is already one of the better connected boroughs in the UK. We commend Brent for being such a strong, forward-thinking council and for appreciating the added economic and social benefits to be gained by providing the option of full fibre to both its social and private constituents,” said Tim Huxtable, head of public sector and social housing at Hyperoptic.

“The service has to be experienced to be believed. The difference in experience is like chalk and cheese – at 29.4Mbps a 50GB game would take nearly four hours to download, but just seven minutes with our gigabit connection. So far over 35% of the borough’s owned social residential sites have registered interest for our services – we look forward to delivering on this demand.”

The deal represents a fundamental step change in the way that residents in Brent will be able to access the internet, being the first FTTH service available to residents. Hyperoptic says that it will begin rolling out the services in Q4 2018.