Press Release

IENTC Telecomunicaciones, a service provider operating in the Mexican market, today announced it has selected Telia Carrier’s IP Transit backbone services to provide reliable, low latency and high capacity services to its customers and enterprises. Serving the market for more than 10 years, IENTC Telecomunicaciones is scaling up its existing relationship with Telia Carrier to support the release of its upcoming television offering and recent MVNO business model without compromising the customer experience.

IENTC Telecomunicaciones offers high speed internet through its own fiber optic network and, in some cases, via microwave wireless technology, supporting customers in the government, corporate, manufacturing, retail, and banking sectors, among others. IENTC Telecomunicaciones chose Telia Carrier because of its extensive global network that ensures service availability and provides the low latency services end-users demand.

“Having an existing partnership with Telia Carrier enabled us to quickly determine they were the best fit to support the growing demands of our customers,” said Carlos Arguimbau CEO, IENTC Telecomunicaciones. “Working with Telia Carrier allows us to confidently roll out new services and cost-effectively receive the capacity needed to ensure a seamless experience for all.”

“We are continuing to see an increasing demand from service providers in the LATAM market for our services,” said Luis Velasquez, Mexico business manager, Telia Carrier. “Operating the world’s #1 Global Internet Backbone, we are uniquely positioned to serve partners and customers with the network connectivity needed to meet their current demands and those of the future.”

Telia Carrier expanded into Mexico in the Spring of 2018, providing wholesale IP Transit, Ethernet, IPX, and Cloud Connect for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content and cloud providers in the region.