Press Release

IMMCO Inc has been seeing success in the world of network right of way permits for the past few months with existing clients, and has decided to take the next step to invest in this area in a big way.

CEO, Keith Hayes, commented, "The right of way permit process is a common source of frustration across the industry and at IMMCO, we’re poised to solve that issue. With our expertise in design and drafting combined with our automation capabilities, IMMCO will look to have network right of way permits as a substantial part of our business."

Founder, Dr. Ramesh Iyer, said, "Over the past 3 decades, we’ve always looked to address the most pressing needs of the cable and telecom industries. With first-time approvals in network design being our calling card, IMMCO is looking to bring that level of quality over to the permitting process."

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, IMMCO Inc serves clients in 4 different continents with telecom design services and software across multiple technologies and design platforms.

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