Press Release

Neterra already uses 100% clean energy for its operations. The Bulgarian telecom is planning to become carbon neutral by the end of 2021. After that, it will strive to increase its positive environmental impact.

Neterra is implementing various energy efficiency measures throughout its diverse portfolio of products and services. The company is investing in modern, lower power consumption AC technologies in its data centres, in hybrid and electric vehicles; in using electronic, paperless document registry – printing only if it is absolutely unavoidable. Neterra is planning to introduce new processes to reduce and completely compensate for its carbon footprint like reforesting, recycling equipment, and any reusable resources.

"This is a long-term policy. If we are organized well enough, we can even become carbon negative. This is our responsibility to the environment and the planet. We provide our data centre clients with the choice to use power from renewable sources, so they can become carbon neutral as well", commented Neven Dilkov, CEO of Neterra Group, during the annual meeting of the company where he outlined the major milestones for 2021.

Neterra is investing in long term sustainable growth through a number of key strategic initiatives.
The company is expanding the capacity of its data centres. A second data centre, located next to SDC 1, is to be built. The first hall of Sofia Data Center 2 is expected to open doors by the end of 2021. Driven by the great interest of investors and clients, Data Center Stolnik (next to the biggest electricity substation on the Balkans), will continue to add new capacity for multi-level services and new facilities. This will increase immensely the existing capabilities for colocation in and around Sofia, Bulgaria.

This year Neterra intends to start offering to enterprises and government organizations dark fibre services in Sofia, as well as to upgrade and develop its current network.

Neterra is introducing industry standards and software for network and service automation. It will allow its customers and partners in South America, Europe, Asia and the USA to take greater advantage of the global network that it has built.

The company is starting a program to encourage its partners to integrate their networks via APIs so to create a much larger and more efficient global network.